Международный день образования

Международный день образования - в поддержку учителям русского родного языка

Международный день образования

„Zorile” este o publicaţie lunară cu caracter informaţional şi cultural, care se adreseazã comunităţilor de ruşi lipoveni din România, populaţiei ruse din ţara noastră, diasporei ruse a staroverilor din lumea întreagã, dar şi tuturor celor care încearcã sã afle cine sunt ruşii lipoveni şi care este istoria lor.

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Events and accomplishments

     At the beginning of the year it is customary to review the year past and make plans for the future. For CRLR 2015 was a year rich in events and interesting manifestations, whose main purpose was, of course, the preservation and promotion of our cultural, linguistic and spiritual values. CRLR's director, Silviu Feodor, presents a short review of the year past and mentions the main events planned for 2016 for the members of our community.

     ‘2015 was a rich year, with many important events, which we celebrated both alone and with the support of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, the Russian Center for Science and Culture, the Russian School and other organizations. The most important were, perhaps, the activities dedicated to the celebration of 70 years since the victory against fascism. For its active participation in these celebrations, our Community was rewarded with a medal and honor diploma ’70 years since the victory’, offered by the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

     Last year the ‘Festival of Russian Poetry’ which took place in Constanța represented a genuine celebration of Russian language, result for which I want to congratulate once again the teachers and all the children who tried so hard and managed to raise to the challenge.

     With the celebration of 650 years from the birth of Andrei Rubliov, an iconography workshop was organized in Manolea, attended by 25 children. This year, with the support of the Moscow Metropolitan we want to organize a summer school for the study of Slavonic, our religious language, whose importance is overwhelming.

     Moreover, in 2015 we celebrated 1000 years since the death of Prince Vladimir and we linked this circular anniversary with the second edition of the ‘Festival of religious singing’ organized in Brăila.

     I believe that it is important that our children and youngsters visit Russia, as the encounter with our historic homeland is always filling us with positive energy. The children who return from Russia, from the camps organized in the Russian Ministry of External Affairs's program ‘Zdravstvui, Rossia!’, are eager to learn Russian.

     Same as in the previous years, the Ministry of Education organized the Russian maternal language Olympiad, which took place in Piatra Neamț. We are happy that our children’s Russian levels have improved with each year gone by.

     On June 12th we celebrated ‘Russia’s Day’ when children from Târgu Frumos, Brătești and Manolea presented a very beautiful concert.

     At the end of last year we celebrated the 25th years jubilee of the magazine ‘Zorile’ at the ‘Parliament Palace’. On this occasion we had the honor to welcome a distinguished guest from Russia, the speaker of the State Duma, Serghei Narîșkin.

     Last year two books of importance for our community were published: ‘Lipovan Russians in studies and documents’ by Professor Leonte Ivanov and Pavel Tudose’s book ‘Lipovan Russians from Romania: history and present’.

     2016 promises to be a year rich in events as well. At the beginning of the year we had our first big event, the old-style New Year at the Press House. Distinguished guests, state secretaries, representatives of the Russian Federation Embassy and the Belarus Republic in Bucharest, journalists, Ukrainian and German communities representatives, the counselor of the Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch attended the event.

     The next action will take place soon and will be dedicated to the 26th anniversary since the set up of CRLR, and on February 19th we will celebrate ‘the nation’s defender day’. Representatives of the Russian Embassy will be invited to talk to young people about the meaning of this day.

     At the beginning of March we will celebrate ‘Maslenița’ – Cheese Week – at Brăila, an event joined by our singing groups and guests from Russia.

     Two roundtables are scheduled in April on topics related to spirituality. In the first week of Lent we will discuss at Jurilovca about honoring holy icons, and in the third week of fasting, at Climăuți, we will discuss about honoring the Holy Cross.

    After Easter, on May 24th, we will celebrate ‘the day of Slavic writing and culture’ and then we will prepare the next edition of the ‘Festival of Russian Poetry’ in Tulcea, between 3rd and 6th of June. This year the festival is dedicated to the poets Anna Ahmatova, Agnia Barto and Nikolai Rubțov.

    During summer, together with representatives of the German Forum in Romania, we are preparing a celebration dedicated to the Danube River. Our German friends will discover the Delta; they will come in contact with our traditions and our culture, preserved for hundreds of years in these parts.

     The ‘Festival of religious singing’ will take place in Piatra Neamț this year and will be dedicated to the icon of the Holy Mother 'Odighitria' from Smolensk.

     Because we hold a special regard for the study of Russian language, at the end of August and the beginning of September, in Constanța, we will organize a celebration dedicated to the Russian language in Romania, which will be attended by Russian language teachers and children who study Russian.’

(Author: Alexandra Fenoghen, foto: CRLR)

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